Wednesday 25 September 2013

Review: Annabelle

Author: Nancy Christie
Publisher: Pixel Hall Press
Release Date: 8th September
Pages: 28
Genre: Literary, Short Story
Source: From the publisher - thank you!

We all have our fantasies—our hopes and dreams of what we want our future to be. But what happens when our fantasies are based on an erroneous interpretation of past events, when our hopes and dreams are so far from reality that they prevent us from having any kind of a normal life? A lonely young woman, all Annabelle wants is to love and be loved. But the twin emotions of fear and guilt, from a passion born on a summer day so many years ago, hold her fast.

This may have been a short story but it had more impact then many full-length novels do. Annabelle is woman who is trapped by her past. Talking to her psychiatrist as an adult, she is torn between revealing her childhood troubles or keeping them a secret, locked up in her heart forever.

Annabelle's parents were more interested in each other then they were in their child. Her father was an artist, her mother his model. They spent a significant amount of time locked up in her father's studio painting and posing, leaving Annabelle alone to muddle her way through her own childhood. Now Annabelle has left her childhood behind, she has found she is struggling to cope with adult life and the time seems to have come where she must release her past.

Annabelle is a dark, traumatic and heart-breaking story of a girl who just wants to be loved. I felt sorry for Annabelle, I wanted to save her from her corrupt childhood and show her what love is. Nancy Christie evoked emotion from me for this lost little girl in such a short space of time. It takes a good writer to give you the detail you need in a short story without slowing the pace down but Nancy Christie did it brilliantly. Nancy Christie may have written a dark and chilling story but there are lessons to be learned and the message is clear: your family is important whether you want them to be or not. Nancy Christie has created a deeply colourful short story that will be thought-provoking to many, many people.

4/5 Stars

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