Sunday 19 May 2013

Richard and Judy Book Club - Summer 2013

Richard and Judy are back with their Summer Book Club Reading Challenge 2013! As the sun is shining (at least right now it is, probably won't last long!) and I am always looking for new books to read, I have decided to take part in the Summer Book Club Challenge this year!

What does it involve?
The aim is to read all 10 books in Richard and Judy's summer list between 1st June - 31st August 2013. It is all about getting involved by reading the books then discussing and reviewing them with other people. It's a whole group effort! You can read the books in any order and as fast or as slow as you feel comfortable, it's about enjoyment after all!

There is also exclusive content on their website such as author interviews and book snippets. The Book Club has also produced a podcast available on the Book Club website and on iTunes which contains book reviews and discussion as well as interview sessions with the authors. You can also buy the Summer 2013 Bookclub Bundle from the website as well as the books individually.

You can visit the Book Club website here.

Good Luck Everyone!


  1. Im a little sceptical about Richard and Judy. I've only read one book they've recommended but I hated it so I've ignored them since. Silly I know but I hold terrible book grudges :D

    1. I understand, you feel cheated when someone recommends a book you hate! I think the thing with Richard and Judy is there is such a range of books, you are bound to find something you like! I hope I do :)


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