Friday 23 August 2013

Review: About a Girl

Author: Lindsey Kelk
Publisher: Harper
Release Date: 4/07/13
Pages: 416
Genre: Chick-Lit

I’d lost my job. I’d lost the love of my life. My mum wasn’t talking to me. My best friend was epically pissed off. And my flatmate probably had a hit out on me by now. I never meant for things to get so out of hand…

Tess Brookes has always been a Girl with a Plan. But when her carefully constructed Plan goes belly up, she’s forced to reconsider.

After accidently answering her flatmate Vanessa’s phone, she decides that since being Tess isn’t going so well, why shouldn’t she try out being Vanessa? With nothing left to lose, she accepts Vanessa’s photography assignment to Hawaii – she used to be an amateur snapper, how hard can it be? Right?

But Tess is soon in big trouble – she isn’t a photographer, she isn’t Vanessa, and the gorgeous journalist on the shoot with her, who is making it very clear he’d like to get into her pants, is an egotistical monster.

Far from home and in someone else’s shoes, Tess must decide whether to fight on through, or ‘fess up and run…

Lindsey is back with a brand new book and a brand new character! Having devoured the I Heart... series I could not wait to embark on Tess Brookes' adventure. I was not disappointed! 

Tess has had her life planned out from a young age. She had spent 7 years carving out her career path to Creative Director when she is sacked unceremoniously with absolutely no warning. To escape the mess that has become of her life, Tess jets off to Hawaii under her flatmate's name and takes on  her photography job. How hard can it be to play the part of Vanessa and take a few pictures? Tess is about to find out!

Tess finds herself in beautiful Hawaii with breathtaking scenery and a new gay best friend - Kekipi, who is the perfect guy to show her the sights. However not all is perfect, she has to work with an arrogant journalist, Nick, who knows exactly what buttons to press to get her riled up. Can Tess resist Nick's advances and stay strictly professional on the job?

I thought Tess was a really great character. I sympathised with her when her life fell apart and I thought it took real guts to take a step away from her life and go to Hawaii - even if she did take her flatmate's place! I laughed when she laughed, I cried when she cried and I felt I was completely involved in her story. She was such a funny character and I found this really refreshing. 

Nick was such an arse! I wanted to punch him at first for being an arrogant pig but in the end who doesn't love a bad boy?! As more and more layers of this gorgeous man are revealed, I warmed to him and I really liked what was inside his steely interior.

Lindsey has created another stunning book. The one liners were hilarious and I found myself laughing out loud in a variety of situations. Hawaii was such a stunning place and I felt that Lindsey described the location amazingly. I could clearly imagine the soft white sand and the turquoise blue sea. A brilliant summer read which I will be recommending to all my friends. I cannot wait for the next book in the series!

5/5 Stars

My Song Choice: Get Lucky by Daft Punk
No explanation needed ;)

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